New to Kiteboarding?

Welcome to the sport!

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About buying Equipment

  So you have had your lessons, now you are going to need some equipment to get started!     Buying new equipment   There is nothing like buying your first new kite. In all its crispy glory it awaits for you to unwrap it and christen it for its first ride. Investing in a new …

Where to get lessons?

These 4 South Australian schools are recommended by KSA, you can find the links on the right hand side of the screen   Kiteboarding School Adelaide, Tommy Teaches at Henley. Ph 0431412112 Red Baron, Guy teaches at Largs bay just north of the jetty. Ph 0403466766 Xtreme Kite and Paddle. The shop is based in …

why join KA/KSA?

Reasons to become a KA/KSA Member. Kiteboarding Australia is a Federation consisting of five State and Territory Associations, often referred to as State Kiteboarding Associations (SKAs). Kiteboarding South Australia is one of them. Individual members have their say through their State Kiteboarding Association by electing their committees who in turn elect the Board of Kiteboarding …

what does KSA do South Australian kiteboarders?

  So you have just had your last lesson, and have spent all your hard earned coin on a brand new kite,board and harness. Its practice time, and you will be venturing out on the beaches without supervision, but who is looking out for you? Or…maybe it’s “just another season”? Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything? …

Where can I sign up?

To sign up for a KA/KSA membership, please click here

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